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Secure the Border!

Securing our border is arguable the single most important work a national politician can accomplish. With out a border, we will lose our country and our culture. Securing the border is actually easy, we just need the political will to do it.

What will securing the border do for our country? It will increase wages, reduce crime, lower medical and education costs and reduce the number of people dying of overdose deaths. We must stop the fentanyl flow across the border. Fentanyl overdose is becoming the leading killer of people from age 18-45.

By securing the border, we can also stop the sex trafficking of children. There are thousands and thousands of children that have come across our border that have disappeared. We may never know what has happened to these innocent and defenseless children. Their suffering is unimaginable. We must protect children.

I am the only candidate in this congressional race that is vowing to vote and work to secure our American border.

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