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I'm ready to fight for California. I am the only candidate running for Congressional District 2 that vows to:

  • Protect biological girls and women from gender ideology.

  • Secure the border. 

  • Prosecute crime using the RICO statute. 

  • End the homeless union-government collusion scheme.

  • Protect the unborn.

  • Protect your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.


Tief Gibbs is a wife and mother of two adult children. She lives in Novato with her husband. Together they run their small business in downtown Novato called Vintage Vehicles. Tief is a board member of the Novato Downtown Business Association. 

Tief graduated from San Diego State University with an Economics major and a German minor. Tief spent a year in Munich, Germany as a nanny and then a summer in Lahr, Germany working for a bank.

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